Our Hunts


Because elk are one of the most sought after species in Colorado, these hunts are our most popular hunts. All hunts are a full 5 days with arrival the day before and departure the day after. All transportation is provided while on the ranch. We will provide all field care, deliver your animal to the processor, and it will be ready for your trip home. If you elect to fly, we will meet you at the airport and transport you to the ranch. We are located 45 minutes from Yampa Valley Regional Airport. There is a smaller airport located just 5 minutes from the ranch for those that arrive on private flights.

Colorado Bull Elk
The way we hunt on a particular day will depend on elk movements and the movements observed on recent days. Most hunts are spot and stalk, but during the rut calling may be the most effective. Because there are numerous alfalfa and hay fields located on the ranch, you may hunt a blind or tree stand. The staff is constantly observing the animals and will know the best method to hunt on a certain day. Our hunts take place in GMU 4,12,&13. There are 4 rifle dates designated by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife. The 1st being the 2nd Saturday in Oct, 2nd being around 4th Saturday in October, 3rd being around 1st Saturday in November and last around 3rd Wednesday in November. Refer to the Dates and Seasons section for exact dates for the current year. The 2nd and 3rd seasons are over the counter licenses while the 1st and 4th are a draw. However, these two season generally have many left over licenses. All archery licenses are over the counter.

Mule Deer

Almost all of our mule deer hunts are conducted in combination with our elk hunts. The 2nd and 3rd seasons are set aside for these combination hunts. All mule deer licenses are a draw for mule deer state wide. As a result, applications must be submitted by the 1st week in April each year. Buck Peak Outfitters draws a number of landowner vouchers each year, but the numbers vary. These will be made available to hunters that are unsuccessful in the draw. Our mule deer herds are doing very well and bucks over 160 B&C are common to the hunter that is willing to pass up many smaller bucks. Success averages over 90% each year. These combo hunts provide the opportunity to hunt deer after the elk hunts in the morning and before the elk hunts in the afternoon as the deer will be active for longer periods of daylight than elk. Some mule deer only hunts may be available each year on a very limited basis. The chance to take home a nice bull and buck, allows our hunters a unique Western experience.

Colorado Mule Deer

Pronghorn Antelope

We offer limited pronghorn hunts each year between the elk and mule deer seasons. All pronghorn license are available by draw only and applications must be submitted around the 1st of April each year. These hunts are conducted in GMU 4 from end of September to around mid October They are 3 day hunts with meals and lodging provided.

Most hunters will enjoy close to 100% success with many opportunities to take a unique trophy. Refer to Dates and Seasons section for exact dates for current year. This an exciting hunt and very appealing to physically impaired hunters and youth as well as all hunters. Unlike elk and Mule deer, pronghorns can be hunted all day.

Colorado Pronghorn Antelope

Black Bear

Our black bear hunts are in conjunction with the elk/deer hunts no bear only hunts are conducted. Due to the limited methods of hunting bears, these hunts are on a no kill no pay basis. Hunters are welcome to obtain a bear license and they will be hunted as we hunt the elk and deer. Baiting, dogs, and spring hunting are not allowed in Colorado and most bears will be taken by chance sightings while hunting elk or deer. Some areas have bears that become a problem and we will do our best to harvest that bear. Check with us on how to obtain a license.

Colorado Bear

Introductory Cow Elk

We offer a limited number of cow elk only hunts. Hunts are conducted in December and the first week of October. December hunts are available to those who can draw a tag. It may take a couple of years to draw in December. There is an extended cow only season that is easy to draw most years that include the above mentioned dates. These hunts are for a full 5 days, but most hunts are completed in 3 or less. Hunters can expect 100% success on these hunts. These are excellant hunts to introduce young hunters to elk hunting, filling your freezer, and experiencing what Buck Peak Outfitters has to offer. Cow hunts include lodging and hunters will do their own cooking.

Cow Elk Hunts